Meditative Archery - Method

Foto van Lieven Ostyn die een vrouwelijke boogschutter begeleidt
"In a timeless moment
you can hit the mark
and your essence


An Unique Method

Lieven Ostyn has developed a kind of archery in which the archer learns:

He regards this as a modest contribution to the reorientation of our society in crisis, a crisis caused by a too competitive and too result-driven mindset resulting in people losing their zest for life.

What type?

Clearly, this is neither a competitive nor a recreational type of archery. On the contrary, the experience of harmony, beauty and unity stands above the result.

Here, no special power or skills are necessary, nor is experience with archery or meditation required. For that reason the workshop is also accessible to more vulnerable people. Still, a desire for tranquillity and self-reflection is recommended.

Even though this kind of archery is inspired by zen, it is not kyudo, since the latter is a strict Japanese discipline which requires years of supervised training.

This kind of archery is easy to organise; an indoor space of 10m x 10m is enough for a group of 10 archers.

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