Meditative Archery - References

Foto van rieten mand met gekleurde pijlen op voorgrond en schietschijf in achtergrond


"In an atmosphere of complete awareness, a profound relationship between body, spirit, bow, arrow and goal arises. The fixation on achievement gives way to experiencing what really matters. Lieven teaches more than archery, this is an inspiring exercise filled with self-reflection."
Harmen Maas, Zen instructor, Nijmegen

Zen and Quiet Centers

"I have experienced this workshop as a caress for the soul."
Geert Yserbyt, training coordinator
'De Landwijzer', Antwerpen


"Lieven Ostyn's workshop combines the archery, organisation and management experience in an astonishing way."
Prof. Dr. Eric Lefebvre, Professor L.U.C., Department
Business Management and decision science


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